Roel Bondoc

Web Developer at theScore Inc.

Rubymotion and Apple TestFlight

Apple finally released TestFlight and now allows up to 1000 beta tester to be invited to test your app. Before then, I’ve been using the original TestFlight service. With Rubymotion setting up the original TestFlight service has been pretty simple wrt sending out builds. However, now that I finally got my feet wet with Apple’s TestFlight, the experience is much different.

Thinking nothing of the process and without any research, I decided to just jump right in. Having successfully distributed apps via the original TestFlight, I thought I would be good to go.

$ bundle exec rake archive:distribution

This was my first mistake. There are couple things you need to do before creating your archive. Apple has some good documentation that outlines the process for using their testflight: Beta Testing The App. One of the important thing to note here is that I missed was :

  • Generate a new App

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